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At Laurion we are specialists in research, development and constant optimization of mathematical algorithms for trading in financial markets.

As a technological company, our primary goal is to assist financial institutions to improve their algo trading, by creating tailored portfolios that match the specific needs of each client.

What is an algorithm?

An algorithm is a set of conditions that form a strategy for executing trades in one or several instruments.

The set of conditional parameters can be based on numerous factors, such as indicators on frequency, time frames, market volatility, correlation between instruments, market liquidity, integrations, statistical data, etc. Each algorithm is detailed and fit for a specific strategy, being adaptable to the portfolio management requirements.

Algorithms are accompanied by various risk management and asset allocation parameters, as well as security settings / filters. Each algo system acts only in very specific cases if the conditionals of the strategy are met, trading as per the portfolio management requirements.

We develop tailor made portfolios

Each client presents different needs based on risk appetite as well as profitability targets and risk appetite.

We have the right technology and in-house expertise to create tailored algorithms for our clients, being able adjust the settings for optimal performance according to risk and profitability targets that have been entrusted to us.


We are dedicated to the research, development and optimization of trading algorithms as well as the concession of our own trading technology to financial institutions.

As a proprietary trading company, we can offer

  • Algorithms optimization only
  • Customized algorithms portfolio
  • API connections with several execution platforms in order to use our proprietary trading technology
  • Consulting services for trading, market access and liquidity solutions

We are not regulated to accept client funds nor do we accept clients of any kind. Those who want to benefit from our trading technology must do so through our partner clients and investment vehicles, which in many cases will be regulated investment services entities.

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Frequent questions FAQS

Below, we provide the most common questions and answers. If you have any other questions, please contact the following contact form or send an email to info@laurionsystems.com

Laurion Systems is a fintech company dedicated to the development of mathematical algorithms to trade in financial markets through specific agreements entered into with regulated entities.

A Fintech Company is a company that develops technology applicable to financial markets. It can be either designing a trading algorithm or improving a mobile banking app.

Laurion has specialized in the Spot derivatives market: commodities, indices, forex and spot metals.

We have a highly capable team with the capacity to develop and optimize algorithms and adjust them to the trading needs of our clients, adjusting risk and reward ratios as per request.

Laurion Systems focuses on the development of quantitative active trading strategies, machine learning and artificial intelligence. The main goal is to obtain high returns uncorrelated with market conditions, through the use of algorithms that take advantage of both bullish and bearish movements. Our methodology is based on a combination of sophisticated statistical studies, mathematics, probability and study of patterns. We then build a set of conditionals that are triggered upon certain events.

Laurion is not regulated to accept client funds. Clients wo want to access our technology must do so through one of our partners, who will be regulated companies with the ability to provide such services to their clients.

Our main clients are institutional clients such as Banks, Brokers, Asset Managers, Family Offices, etc.

If you are not an institutional client such as those described in the previous point, you must access our algorithms by contracting the services of an institutional client that offers our technology.

The financial risks of an investment can be measured in many ways, and in many of them our risk is lower due to the strict parameters that are in place. However, the asset classes that we specialize in are leveraged financial derivatives, by default categorized as highly complex and not suitable for all investors. Prior to invest in any asset, please make sure you fully understand the risks involved, seeking external advice if necessary.

A portfolio is a combination of algorithms that may operate in one or more instruments or asset classes.

We create portfolios of algorithms to diversify and reduce risk and volatility for investing in the market.

Laurion has extensive experience and comprehensive risk controls in place that deliver consistent profitability. Its automated strategies have consistently delivered improvements to our client’s portfolios. Furthermore, we work alongside our clients to address specific concerns and tailor make the algorithms to their needs.

The trading models are a product of research and expertise developed over more than 15 years. Our team of developers checks, double checks and triple checks all the settings prior to release the algorithm to the clients, and has systems in place to trace all decisions taken by the algorithms that will allow us to retrace all trades and adjust the parameters to improve results.

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